Non destructive testing

GM Automation carries out non destructive quality testing on behalf of third parties using the high-precision LYNX machine.
Non destructive testing (NDT) is the complex of examinations, tests and surveys carried out using methods that do not require the destruction or removal of samples from the structure and oriented towards the search and identification of defects in the structure itself.
In the industrial sector, every product of critical importance (beams for the construction industry, weld inspection, support screws, automotive components, pressure bodies) must be checked for its integrity and compliance with current standards.

This type of quality control is extremely important in the verification of complex processes and structures or machinery (ndt test) to ensure the safety of the system itself.
We also carry out dimensional checks, particularly suitable when very precise measurements have to be obtained for the production of complex components, especially in the mechanical and aeronautical sector. The controls can also be used to verify phenomena such as lowering of thickness, ovalization or deformations.

Main methods of non destructive testing:

Vision systems

Unlike human visual inspection, this technology guarantees objectivity, reliability and stability of the control in the long term, even at high line speeds; it allows to control the quality of the products without interfering with the normal production process

Laser and ultrasound systems

GM Automations has a wide range of laser and ultrasonic defect detectors with advanced features for use in applications ranging from weld inspection to the detection of hidden cracks, cavities, porosity and other irregularities in metals, composites, plastics and ceramics

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